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after fire and wonder

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A community for the fans of Mark Anthony's wonderful The Last Rune series, and the works of "Galen Beckett". Does this series even have a name yet?

The rules are fairly simple:

1. Don't be a jerk. It ruins everyone else's fun and gets you banned.
2. I shouldn't even have to say this, but try not to veer too far off topic. Example:
"Here are some other great fantasy books." = Acceptable.
"My website, let me show you it." = Not so much.
al-mama, aldeth, anders, ar-tolor, aryn, assassins, bards, barrsunder, beltan, beyond the pale, black knights, blademender, boreas, borelga, brelegond, brother cy, burning plague, calavan, calavere, castle city, cats, child samanda, colorado, covens, davis and mitchell burke-favor, deirdre falling hawk, denver, dervishes, dominions, dragons, duratek, durge, eldh, embarr, eredane, erendel, fairies, falengarth, falken, fellring, feydrim, former goddesses, galt, gelthisar, glinda, grace beckett, gravenfist keep, hadrian farr, imbrifale, immortal, ivalaine, jace windom, jack graystone, jakabar, kelcior, kelephon, king kel, king kylar, king persard, knights, krondisar, krondrim, larad, lirith, little people, malachor, marji, mark anthony, maudie, maugrim, max bayfield, melia, melindora nightsilver, mindroth, mirda, mohg, morindai, morindu, morndari, mournish, necromancers, new gods, old gods, olrig, pale king, perridon, queen inara, ralena, runebinding, runebreaker, runebreaking, runelords, runes, runespeaking, sareth, sasha, scirathi, seekers, shadow covens, shemal, sheriff tanner, sia, sindar, sinfathisir, sister mirrim, sky, spardis, spells, spiders, taneth, tarras, tarus, teravian, the blood of mystery, the dark remains, the first stone, the gates of winter, the keep of fire, the king of winter, the last rune, tira, toloria, travis wilder, tressa, vani, vathris, warriors, weirding, witchcraft, witches, wraithlings, yrsaia