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New Mark Anthony book

Hi everyone! New to the eldh community, though not to the Last Rune series; I discovered the first book not long after it came out, and waited eagerly for each new book. Needless to say, after The First Stone, I kept waiting and waiting for Mark Anthony to release something new - either another Eldh book or a new series - and nothing happened. (Most of you were probably in the same situation.)

However, earlier this month the author updated his website to announce that yes, he is still alive, and moreover he's got a new fantasy book coming out later this year! It's not set in the world of Eldh, and apparently it will be different enough from his previous series to warrant publication under a different name (which remains a mystery, and I imagine will until the new book comes out). But still, for all you who liked his previous books, hopefully it'll make your day to hear that he'll have a new one out (I know it made mine!).

I must confess, I also feel a bit proud because I sent him an e-mail basically saying "hi, I love your books, are you working on anything new" right before he made this new post, so even though I'm sure my message had nothing to do with his announcement of his new work I still like to feel it did, heh.

So, this is just a heads-up for any of you who liked his books and may not yet have been aware he's got another one on the way.
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