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I'm almost hyperventilating with happiness! A TLR comm! I can't wait to get posting and discussing with other fans, since I only know two people who read TLR, and both borrow the books from me. Neither of them are up to TFS yet, so I need to talk about it before I explode!


OK...calm now.

UK fan here, got my copy of The First Stone off Amazon on Tuesday. I was reading it at work, and if I hadn't been at work, I would have been in tears. It's all over!

I'm so happy for Travis and Beltan. I've been rooting for them from the get go. I love them together so much. I also love that they settled on earth. T/B brings out the shipper in me, and makes me glow. I rarely ever enjoy canon pairings, but this one has a place in the very centre of my heart. Very pleased that Vani gave Nim to them in the end.

Deirdre as a more central character was excellent IMO. I was never overly keen on her in earlier books, but she really grew on me. I love Anders so much as well. Her gradual love for him was just so touching. When I'd finished the book though, one of my first thoughts was 'What about Anders?!' I mean, Come back to me, mate? I know she said goodbye to him, but I felt the poor lad needed some resolution which we weren't given. Which is why I'm going to try writing a fanfic about Anders in the aftermath of TFS.

I really missed certain characters in TFS. Durge for one (*sniff*), but I knew that was going to be the case after GOW. But, I really missed Melia and Falken, as well as Aryn.

Nim being the 'hope'. Well that was nice, and I thought it was great, but I thought it was also pretty obvious that it was going to be the case.

The Seven, well I was wracking my brains up until the end, trying to work out their function. I thought they were going to replace the Old Gods. Clearly not the case, lol.

I really like how Grace managed to work things out for Malachor. Because I was thinking about her after GOW, and how she'd need to produce an heir, and how I didn't think that would happen. Weirdly enough, turning Malachor into a democracy never entered my head!

Hmmm, well I'm sure there's more I want to say, and there are other unrelated topics that I'll start another day. Anyone wanting to start discussion, either here, or off-comm, just let me know!
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I missed Durge also... he was the best character in the series, imho.
Durge was one of the best. I was less interested in Grace, in this book. I'd loved her since she first showed up in Beyond the Pale. I don't know what it is.

I have long liked Deirdre, though. She was always great. Some of my favorite parts of the series were the parts with Deirdre and Hadrian, though. I kind of missed that.

It was also pretty dissapointing that, after all that went down with Aryn in the last book, we barely saw her in this one. Lirith, Melia and Falken barely had a role, either.

Either way, I did like it. Particularly the biography that Deirdre read for a hundred pages or so.
When you write that fanfic, you should post it here. I'd love to read it.
*grins* I plan to. I was searching for TLR fanfic, and I couldn't find any. I wasn't sure whether to mourn this, or be glad, because it meant no badfic and mary-sues. But I've got a few ideas that I plan on having a go at, including some nice Travis/Beltan stuff ^_^