A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote in eldh,
A dark storm raging

Surprised I'm the first one to post...

Got it. Can't wait to start. ^^
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ooooooh, it's out!!! sweet!

Deleted comment

The smaller one; I can never remember which is which. I don't think they ever actually released the last three in the oversized editions.

BTW, did you check the regular shelf, or just the new arrivals? My B&N only had it shelved among the other five.

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I know Mark Anthony and even used to work with him a few years ago. I can confirm that he's very tall and slim (I'm 6'1" and he's close to my height), and you're right--he's very nice. In fact, he's one of the nicest and most professional people you could ever meet.

Deleted comment

Well, I don't know that he's even aware of this community, but I will mention that he's got fans here the next time I see him. I'm sure he'd be glad to know, if he doesn't already. Usually when I talk with him we're talking about other things--everything BUT his books, it seems--such as jobs (he also used to work with my wife) and the latest Apple news (he's a Mac user).
I have to wait 3 more weeks, says my bookhouse

Deleted comment

I did not have hight hopes to beginn with, since I had the same problems with Gates of Winter already
I went to the Barnes & Noble on August first (I was going to walk the two miles, but my sister pulled up and gave me a ride), and the asswipe at the counter, who must be above us all, since he works the fucking register in a bookstore, informed me that they didn't have it yet, because we weren't even into August yet. I told him it was August, but as it turns out, the first part of it doesn't count.

This the same guy that refused to give me a new copy of Beyond the Pale, when I discovered that there was a page missing from the first one. When I started getting really pissed off, he sent me to some old guy, and he took care of it.

And now you've all read enough. Sorry.