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I'm almost hyperventilating with happiness! A TLR comm! I can't wait to get posting and discussing with other fans, since I only know two people who read TLR, and both borrow the books from me. Neither of them are up to TFS yet, so I need to talk about it before I explode!


OK...calm now.

UK fan here, got my copy of The First Stone off Amazon on Tuesday. I was reading it at work, and if I hadn't been at work, I would have been in tears. It's all over!

I'm so happy for Travis and Beltan. I've been rooting for them from the get go. I love them together so much. I also love that they settled on earth. T/B brings out the shipper in me, and makes me glow. I rarely ever enjoy canon pairings, but this one has a place in the very centre of my heart. Very pleased that Vani gave Nim to them in the end.

Deirdre as a more central character was excellent IMO. I was never overly keen on her in earlier books, but she really grew on me. I love Anders so much as well. Her gradual love for him was just so touching. When I'd finished the book though, one of my first thoughts was 'What about Anders?!' I mean, Come back to me, mate? I know she said goodbye to him, but I felt the poor lad needed some resolution which we weren't given. Which is why I'm going to try writing a fanfic about Anders in the aftermath of TFS.

I really missed certain characters in TFS. Durge for one (*sniff*), but I knew that was going to be the case after GOW. But, I really missed Melia and Falken, as well as Aryn.

Nim being the 'hope'. Well that was nice, and I thought it was great, but I thought it was also pretty obvious that it was going to be the case.

The Seven, well I was wracking my brains up until the end, trying to work out their function. I thought they were going to replace the Old Gods. Clearly not the case, lol.

I really like how Grace managed to work things out for Malachor. Because I was thinking about her after GOW, and how she'd need to produce an heir, and how I didn't think that would happen. Weirdly enough, turning Malachor into a democracy never entered my head!

Hmmm, well I'm sure there's more I want to say, and there are other unrelated topics that I'll start another day. Anyone wanting to start discussion, either here, or off-comm, just let me know!
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