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I got my copy on Thursday and finished it on Friday. Just... wow.

Anyone want to strike up a discussion? Favorite or least favorite parts? Random things that made you squee?

I was just very, very pleased at the small comment about Kylar now being known as Kylar the Rock. It hints at so much fascinating stuff that must have been happening in Galt. (And we'll never get to know any of it, argh!)

Kel had me in hysterics. That might have been the sleep deprivation talking...

And as I am a huge fangirl, I was delighted at Travis and Beltan's whole domestic scene. I read those parts with a big, stupid-looking grin on my face.

I was like "my god, everyone's married." They were all so happy that it made me happy. These books have turned me into a total sap for happy endings.

Obviously, the comments for this will also have spoilers.
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